THELEMA: Regarding the Great Work and some ideas from Liber LXI vel Causae


Even if it’s just more than one year that I study the subject, I have noticed immediately that there are a lot of discordant opinions on the value of Thelema and if this thought can be connected to a religious vision rather than to a philosophy and way of life. Actually, Thelema contains many classical philosophical aspects that touch metaphysics as ethics and others related aspects.

Take the decision to follow this initiation, it makes me realize that there were a problem regarding where should I have to begin. The very awful massive structure of writings from the Teacher A.Crowley let me feel unable to fully understand it because there’s not gradual approach to this concepts in order to make them more enjoyable for beginners too, there is any order into the list of texts that Crowley himself thinks necessary to codify all correlated arguments to Thelema.

I have personally followed the suggestion of a Thelemite, a lucky meeting in which he has suggested me to study firstly “Magick” of Crowley: as it is written upon the first page by J. Symonds and K.Grant, “in this fundamental work of the greatest magician of our times brings the principles of the Yoga first and the Alchemy to new life, together with the cults oriental mystery, giving origin to a new system of sexual magic, the most powerful and never practiced before.” Indeed, it was the first book that I have read without understanding completely and when I’ve reached just the half of it I decided to stop it: I realized that a simple reading would not have brought me nothing. Exactly at that time I started to feel growing in me the awareness that the only solution would have been to deeply study the text.

Taking notes, looking for online information about themes never touched before, in practice I have begun to write a study book. When every new notion has been written and all questions came out, I know that I needed to compare my progress with whom were beginning to study Thelema as I was doing and so I have contacted the nearest O.T.O Oasis in my city.

Initially I thought that I would be been able to stay alone in my personal path when suddenly the necessity to know where to direct my researches to find out the missing answers has been stronger. I felt that I needed to follow the footsteps already made by others before me, I didn’t want to waste my time turning around the same point when I know that there is an arduous steps uphill that brings where I want.

It is with this researcher spirit that I appear virtually into the online-world through a blog and account in the social media I express my desire to directly compare my experience with the others through this common path. I wander online thru texts that explains the meaning of an initiatic way into O.T.O., I sincerely thanks my sources where I could found the knowledge of the fundamental and official texts concerning this Great Work.



Liber LXI vel Causae 
Publication in Class D


In the Name of the Initiator, Amen.

  1. In the beginning was Initiation. The flesh profiteth nothing; the mind profiteth nothing; that which is unknown to you and above these, while firmly based upon their equilibrium, giveth life.
  2. In all systems of religion is to be found a system of Initiation, which may be defined as the process by which a man comes to learn that unknown Crown.
  3. Though none can communicate either the knowledge or the power to achieve this, which we may call the Great Work, it is yet possible for initiates to guide others.
  4. Every man must overcome his own obstacles, expose his own illusions. Yet others may assist him to do both, and they may enable him altogether to avoid many of the false paths, leading no whither, which tempt the weary feet of the uninitiated pilgrim. They can further insure that he is duly tried and tested, for there are many who think themselves to be Masters who have not even begun to tread the Way of Service that leads thereto.
  5. Now the Great Work is one, and the Initiation is one, and the Reward is one, however diverse are the symbols wherein the Unutterable is clothed.
  6. Hear then the history of the system which this lection gives you the opportunity of investigating.
    Listen, we pray you, with attention: for once only does the Great Order knock at any one door.
    Whosoever knows any member of that Order as such, can never know another, until he too has attained to mastery.
    Here, therefore, we pause, that you may thoroughly search yourself, and consider if you are yet fitted to take an irrevocable step.
    For the reading of that which follows is Recorded.


[2.] Follow an initiatic path represents a desire of spiritual research that could be compared to the achieving the “Illumination” as well as the ascent way thru the the tree of the Life elements and Sephiroth, from Malkuth to Kether (from the Kingdom to the Crown).
[1.] It is generically defined “The Great Work” the path that passes amongst all aspects of the knowledge, every degree that can be conferred into the Minerval first, subsequently into O.T.O., can be represent as Sephirah (in Jewish it means “number”) and the component of the tree of the Life. For the emanationistic law of every Sephirot, each reality of the tree of the Life is in constant drift into the previous element and it means that just with a complete vision, formed by the all the elements, can reach the true knowledge.
[3.] From the nothing to the absolute, the trip is long and this scheme shows as every argument it is penetrated in the other to bring full vision of the truth formed by multi aspects.
However, nobody is able to explaining the absolute as it is inaccessible and inexplicable using only words, images or symbols that can’t explain entirely as they are just part of the one. The veil of the abyss that prevents the thought to draw near to the supreme Truth is the thought itself that, contemplating the truth, tries to understand it creating its objectivation: the subject separated from the object is distant and it is defined in a truth that loses the form trying to reply what foresee through the veil.
[4.] This doesn’t mean that nobody can explain you the hidden truths, simply it is a personal job in which you can follow with constancy and application but it is all up to you. Besides the progress that can be monitored, those people that already feel complete as Teachers without have follow the Order path, cannot know the importance of help the other: the secret traditions and knowledge of their own duties and services has to be known towards the order that protects this secrets from indiscreet eye and not initiated.



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