The path of the Magician

mago blogThe path of a magician is like walking along an endless beach at night, the great Moon watching our feet sink into the sand while she is illuminating the path.
If the path chosen is the right one, clouds will not appear but rather charming comets and gold boreal rejoice you during your eternal solitude in pilgrimage. Instead, when the soil is no longer at our mercy, solidifies and discover shells, it is impossible to walk barefoot. If the wind is whipping you must look for a shelter because everything shows that you do not have to keep going, you’re wrong.
The intuition of a wizard trusts on the Elements but not only, he doesn’t put aside his discernment. He knows his purpose and recognizes signals misinterpreted by the logic alone.
The end is like a lighthouse, if it doesn’t constantly illuminates the fog it does not mean that something thong its-self and, in the stillness of the rock, extends its shadow on your path insofar as you want to go there.
But look well beyond the horizon: the light pulses also on the high, the stars of the firmament are not perhaps lighthouses still unreachable for you?
Keep studying my dear magician, do not let your walks to be constant and unsuccessful, there is a way to get to the stars. That’s where your efforts will begin..


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